Iota Press Speaks


This is a private press with a public shop.

in the eight years of its existence, it has educated its owner

in hundreds of ways about the vitality of hand-printing his words and drawings.


Every year it kicked up new ideas of  what he might do to combine images & words on paper, and induced him to try things he hadnŐt imagined before.  Sometimes these ideas upended all his previous ideas about - the alphabet, the space surrounding text, the subtle emanations of type design; & his unconscious attractions to symmetry, archaic language, ornament. 


What Iota Press is now can almost be defined by what it has decided it is not:


It is not a part of the letterpress fad.

It does not want to  be on Facebook, Twitter, or Etsy.


It does not aspire to the realm of Fine Printing,

nor to that of ArtistŐs Books.

It does not wish to make a living.

It doesnŐt want to publish a magazine so the owner can sit in judgment over hundreds of manuscripts.

It doesnŐt want to advertise.


But whether it maintains a public shop, or recedes back to the garage, there are some things it does want to uphold:


It will always be an experimental platform, an alchemical lab.

The experiments revolve around bringing together:

word & image; poems & typefaces; artists & poets.


And yet it is a print shop full of sentient machines & type. They demand study and diligence about the craft of printing and the art of typography. They insist on oiling, cleaning, organizing, distributing & careful handling.


Iota Press favors:

Allowing the type & press to have a say in the editing and shaping of a text.

Balancing  work on previously composed writingsÉ

                  with improvised new ideas.

Seeing the presses and type as instruments on which to jam.


It imagines itself radical, heretical, Isnoist. It would enjoy being censored or  blacklisted.

Hopes to shed lead and hold  gold.  Think young and love old.


& then it says: not even that.