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A typosyllabic suite with four variations on Theem.
Before Babel, after Geber. Speaking in cheeks.
Wood-embossed covers; signature-stitched;
hand-made paper; lots of handset type.
Edition of 25.




Typoglyph Cards

A set of 21 cards on fine art paper in a hand-made walnut box. The alchemy of printing embedded in a set of cards that may or may not be used to cast fortunes.




Cat's Pajamas

A collection of typoglyphs: improvised alchemic symbols made from assembled metal type. Coaxing gold from lead. Abridged companion to the Typoglyphs set of cards shown above.



Rocket Story

A young lad wakes up and tells it like it was. My kingdom for a horsie! My horsie for a dance! Dance dance dance! The leading three-year old author, Harldur Johnson, at his best. A Knee Pot Editions book.





Spider Friends

"Once upon a time there was a mountain, with a face, a purpose, and three secrets...." So begins a stormy tale of cross-purposing mountains and a goat named Library and a girl named Wilfred the Goat. Dino Johnson's inimitaballistic misterpeace. A Knee Pot Editions book.







Iota Quarterly
Is no longer being published. But there are copies of all 8 back issues for sale, at $10 each.

Each one is a unique experiment with original poems, graphics and stories. Eight pages stitched, on good papers, various metal types. Write to <> for details.






Could Be Verse
by Erst Weill

A selection of poems by the renown unknown poet, Erst Weill. Once the leading voice of the Non-Sequiturian movement, Weill's reputation hangs on these last lost scrawls sent to Iota phenonymously. Publisher's warning: Sigh defects may result upon reading this product.



Could Be Verse by Erst Weill

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Elegies For An Ice Age
by eric johnson

Glacial cores. A collection of poems written while the Republic turned ghastly and the peculiar beauty of the Ice Age melted in its exhaust. Typeset & stitched by hand. 2007



Elegies For An Ice Age by eric johnson

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Air Apparent
by eric johnson

An innovative book of lyric inklings & riffs in plain air. Printed letterpress from plates & metal type and hand-stitched & bound in an edition of 150 numbered copies. 2005




Air Apparent

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Buffalo, Rome
by eric johnson

A collection of improvisational poetry rife with coinage and whit. Interleaves of line-drawings in the same key. Trade paperback. 1997



Buffalo, Rome

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The Nick of Time
CHAPBOOK...$8.00 2006

by john martin

A chapbook of sober-sided poems that finally answer those nagging questions, “What is poetry, anyway?” and “Why won't it go in reverse?”




The Nick of Time by John Martin from Iota Press


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