Chapbooks and Broadsides

Iota Press publishes chapbooks for poets and writers who have a particular interest in the graphic
potency of letterpress printing. Printing a book by hand is a unique experience and can alter one's view of the writing itself. Each page has to be made letter by letter into a kind of sculpture, and the tactile experience of one's own words is unforgettable.
The expectation is that the poet will, if possible, participate in choosing type, art, paper and cover design. It is also possible to help in the typesetting, printing & binding to allay some of the cost.

The basic prototype is 16-24 pages of poetry, graphics interspersed, in a cover with the title on its spine.
All on excellent paper suitable for letterpress imprint, with hand-sewn binding.

Editorial assistance is gently available.

The cost of such a book project depends on knowing the size of the manuscript, the quality of the paper, & the nature of the graphics.

We also make broadsides for poets, varying from simple flyers to hand out at readings . . . to large prints with original graphics, suitable for framing. Again, poets are encouraged to participate as much as they can.


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